Qualifying criteria for Goodwill Games have been approved.

ASAJ Council has ratified the qualifying criteria for Goodwill Games

The qualifying criteria were ratified by the ASAJ Council and will be added to BLP 16 which outlines the criteria for regional and international meets. The criteria are as follows:


  1. Final Selection must be ratified by the ASAJ Council no later than June of the GOODWILL year.
  2. Swimmer must be a Jamaica Citizen or resident in Jamaica no less than 12 months prior to the entry deadline of the meet.
  3. Swimmer must be registered with the ASAJ a minimum of three weeks prior to the start of the final local qualifying meet.
  4. Times swum from December 1st of the year prior to the competition up to May 31st of the competition year will be considered. Meets that are not fully contained within the qualification period but fall on a boundary date will be included.
  5. Times must have been swum in a SCM or LCM meet sanctioned by the ASAJ or other FINA recognized body. SCM qualifying times will get preference over LCM times.
  6. The swimmer must qualify in at least two (2) events.
  7. The swimmer must be ranked 1st or 2nd place in the event in which the qualifying time is achieved.
  8. Qualifying times:
    1. The 8th place median time set in an individual event at the last three Goodwill meets.
    2. Tables with the qualifying times will be published by October 1st each year.
  9. In the event that only two or three individuals have qualified in a relevant category, a third and/or fourth swimmer will be selected to be a part of a relay team whose combined times as determined by Hy-Tek, would match or better the 3rd place median time for the event for the last three years. The swimmer(s) selected using the relay clause must have at least one (1) qualifying time in an individual event.
  10. Should there be more than the maximum 4 swimmers qualifying in a particular age group, then the swimmers will be ranked first by number of qualifying events and secondly by highest FINA points for the events in which they have qualified.